Skee-Ball Arcade

Skee-Ball Arcade 1.8.1

Roll your way to a high score in Skee-Ball Arcade

Play Skee-ball against friends and in tournaments in this classic arcade game.  

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  • Enjoyable tournament play
  • Excellent graphics
  • Addictive


  • No offline play


Play Skee-ball against friends and in tournaments in this classic arcade game.  

Rolling through the ages

Based on the over 100-year-old game, Skee-ball Arcade for iOS takes the classic concept of rolling your ball into different holes for points and adds in some flashy new features. What separates Skee-ball Arcade from the original is that they've introduced different game modes that offer a pleasant alternative to the original game. These different modes include pin-ball, basketball, and a game type based on the classic arcade game Space Invaders and are available through purchase. However, players that have bought the maps can still challenge you with them so you won't be stuck only playing the classic game mode. The core gameplay in these modes still involves rolling balls into certain locations, but the strategy changes as you try to time your shots at the moving Space Invaders or get the right angle to bounce off of pinball bumpers

Unfortunately Skee-ball Arcade cannot be played offline and the game revolves around its multiplayer. That isn't to say the multiplayer is bad -it isn't- but your match list can become a bit cluttered as you wait for your opponents to take their turn. It'd be nice to just play some games without constantly searching for an opponent. You can use Facebook to find friends to play or Skee-ball Arcade will assign you an opponent. Skee-ball Arcade also offers an extensive tournament system for players to compete in. 

Best when flat

At first glance, the controls appear to be fairly straight-forward: swipe the bottom of the screen upwards towards the place you want the ball to go. You can also tilt the screen to give your ball slightly more spin. However, the difference between playing Skee-ball Arcade in your palm and playing it on a flat surface is night and day. It's difficult to generate momentum while holding the phone in your hand; balls often come up short. When the phone is lying on a flat surface that problem quickly disappears and you have much more control.

How it looks

It's a very pretty game and has a crisp aesthic to it. An interesting part of Skee-ball Arcade's graphics is that it uses the currently popular parralax style of design. This adds a subtle but extra dimension to the game. Unfortunately the parralax feature is really only noticeable when holding the phone which diminishes gameplay (see above.)

The Verdict

Provided your playing on a flat surface, Skee-Ball Arcade is an entertaining take on the classic boardwalk game with just enough customization to keep the game entertaining while sticking to its roots.

Skee-Ball Arcade


Skee-Ball Arcade 1.8.1

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